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Alle Diskussionen rund um Excel VBA in der Energiewirtschaft, sowie zu den VBA-Seminaren von Emrald
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Ladies Book Club Chapter 3

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I didn't know if I was more excited to see her being gang banged or being served with the divorce papers.I did get erect seeing her being fucked, but I didn’t see her as myi wife, but being a slut in a porn video.She had stopped being my wife and I was going to let her know that I no longer had any love Her.Her libido was kicked into gear when she was with her pimps, she turned into a true nymphomaniac for black cock, she just couldn’t get enough.After the divorce, she would be free to fuck constantly.Adam asked, "You have said what you planned, but what is this secret you won't reveal?" I...

I dove for cover behind a fallen tree.My companion dove too.He landed in a spot that was just frozen dirt, I was next to a pile of icy snow.Somebody threw an ice ball at me!My companion… I realized it was Tom.I peered over the log and saw two women with an ice ball in each hand – Molly and Cindy.I started packing an ice ball of my own.Tom said, "I got no ammunition! No ammunition!"I got ready to blast Molly, and…Why is it that I only remember the unpleasant dreams?I stirred in bed, then half awake, I realized there was a point to it.Tom didn't fight back against Molly and Cindy because...

She saw with relief that he was still too far away to have noticed any of what had just happened. She quickly smoothed down her dress, feeling very vulnerable without her panties.When the floor manager arrived Jack said, “Mind if I cash out first? I have an appointment I need to get to.”The meaning of his tiny smile was not lost on Lin.After a quick glance at Lin to be sure she was alright with that, the floor manager quickly finished with Jack and let him out the back door.Then he did the same for Lin before locking the door behind her.With her knapsack in hand Lin hurried...


The scorned woman

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“Up here boy” attaching his leg to the top of the headboard such that his leg was now above his head and spread open.“Right leg now.” attaching his other leg to the opposite corner of the headboard.“You bitch I wanted my legs down there, its uncomfortable in this position.” Peter commented.“You are to be punished, and for speaking out of turn you are to be gagged.” I placed a ball gag in his mouth with some resistance, which only proved to show how good the restraints were working.I then blindfolded him and left the room.The look in his eyes when the blindfold went on told me that he had...

I told my mom that i did not do the dishes when i told her that i asked Ani to do them so that i could study for my finals my mom said, yo should've done them yourself, they're your chores, and grounded me for the first week of summer from seeing my friends and going outside, except when it involved cleaning. that's when i started to think of my plan of revenge. I have 4 sisters who are Ani, Sindy, Lindsay and Maria. My mom's name is Teresa. They were all pretty hot but i seemed not to notice until i had a very big change in my life, something i never expected. My momand all my sisters have...

Savita could only murmur whimpered cries as he picked up pace and fucked her like a bitch. Her ass slammed against his ball sack every time he pumped in. No one was coming to save her from being this penetrated brutally. She had signed up for it all when she signed their document. This was reminded to her every time he slammed his cock inside her.With each pump Ramesh became more aggressive as he kissed her her slender milkyneck thirstily and fondled her breasts rougly. With each thust her hair flew forward, her cries became morepronounced and her breasts jiggled, if they were not...

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The Pizza Girl Came

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I laughed and poured her some more water and finished serving the rest of the bar. After serving everyone else, I stood at the end of the bar next to Tammi, catching my breath and just gazed at her. She looked at me and said “So what do you do after work?” I said “ Usually go over to the restaurant next door, get some breakfast then come back here and go to sleep>” She looked kind of thoughtful for a moment and said The first part sounds good, but you sleep here?” I said “No not here, as a bar manager I have an apartment attached to the bar. It is convenient, and I don’t have to go too far if...

He rubbed her slit over the flimsy fabric and noticed that the fabric was already moist. Now that Randy’s hands were busy elsewhere, Tom, who was closest took over playing with her tits. He gave one of her nipples a suck which made Cecile moan. Sam was now sliding Megan’s shorts down, her panties were pale blue lace. She looked nervous and the guys momentarily took pity on her. Sam sat on the edge of the table and invited her to sit next to him, he put his arm around her waist. He gave her more beer and pointed at the bottle of tequila on the table to ask if she wanted a shot. She nodded...

Tyler has always been a cool guy to me, especially through high school.I'm not a virgin by any means but I keep myself good and tight by exercising daily and I don't exactly fuck every guy that I see either.Had a few wild experiences as mentioned in my previous 2 stories, but overall I'd say I like sex if it's good sex.Tyler knew I wasn't a virgin and he'd kid around from time to time about doing this or that to me and we'd just laugh and move on, but back to where I was, we were riding in his car hanging out and he started in on me and was joking about sucking his dick and whatever and just...

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